Ten Reasons I Trust Young Living

Love my Young Living oils!  They've been such a blessing to my family for years now.  It was a new way of thinking at first.  I had to ask a lot of questions and look things up in my reference guide (also made cheat sheets for my family so they know what to use) but with the help of my wonderful upline friends Clarinda, Kim, Stacy & James, we've been able to get rid of nearly all of the OTC junk we used to use (working on the last bit as I learn more). We haven't needed Rx nor a doctor (my personal experience here, I'm not against drs lol)  That has been a huge help as it saves our money for more pleasant things!

Here are a few things I SO appreciate about YL- They use the term 'therapeutic-grade' and are careful to define and prove what they mean by that.  They are involved in every step of the process rather than being brokers. You can visit their farms and see their distilleries which I look forward to doing in the future.  These things are important to me as I care for my family with 7 children.  Not knowing any better, I used other brands before YL thinking they were all the same (I have charts and info on that for those who want it).  Of course not only did I waste my time and money but some of them were toxic.  I've got enough toxins in my life, I don't need to add more LOL.  What I love most though, is getting great reports from friends about how their lives are being blessed as well. I've gotten a few of those today and it just knocks my socks right off!

*Hmm...I think a blog post is brewing, stay tuned! LOL.

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