Love Your Skin and Hair!

Pamper your skin or hair with castor oil and Young Living essential oils!

I LOVE castor oil!  It is super thick, nourishing, and wonderful!  If you want to put it on your eyelashes, use it plain, of course, but if you want to use it on your beard, eyebrows, hair or scalp, ylang ylang or cedarwood essential oils are wonderful additions. Just pick one or make a combo.

I really enjoy ylang ylang in my hair all by itself. It is great for my hair and the smell lingers a long time.  You can even put some on your chest or inside your elbows as a perfume in the evening :)


FOR SKIN; lavender, patchouli, frankincense, palmarosa, geranium...are all great options to add.

I like to use a castor oil along with lemongrass and cypress essential oils on my lower legs after a shower.  Castor oil after washing my hands before bed has gotten rid of my rough, red, dry Colorado hands.  We get a lot of wind here and it is especially bad in the Winter and Spring.

Essential oils are great at thinning down the impossible-to-spread castor and it only takes a tiny amount.  Of course, I only use Young Living essential oils because they are totally unadulterated and beyond organic.  They have proven themselves for many years, it isn't just talk on a label. Other brands may damage the skin. Do your research!

Read about the benefits of castor oil and ways to use it, HERE


On your feet all day? Why not make a relaxing foot soak with Epsom salts and a couple drops of your chosen oil such as lavender.  Afterwards, use the castor/essential oil combo of your choice to massage your feet!

Lip balm, massage oils, lotions,
skin care line, shampoos, you name it.

Maybe you dont feel like making your own.

It's pretty easy but just isn't up everyone's alley. If that's you, simply enjoy the wonderful skin and hair care products that Young Living has to offer men, women, and children.

Ningxia Red is a yummy addition to your day.  
Don't forget to support your skin and hair from the INSIDE as well, by getting plenty of antioxidants. 

Ningxia Red has really blessed me and I don't want to go a day without it :)

You can discover more oil choices for skin and hair by looking in reference materials.  Life Science Publishers may have what you are looking for.
 You will receive some fun tools and helpful resources in your welcome package as a gift from me when you get started with the Premium Starter set. Check it out!

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