How to Buy

OK, so you want your OWN oils.  GREAT!  Now you'll have a wonderful opportunity to improve your life as well as the lives of those around you.  As you learn more about how to use oils, I hope you'll love them like I do!

If you already know what you're doing and just wanna cut to the chase then head on over and....DO IT! :)  OR watch a wonderful 30 min essential oil 101 video by Lauren over *HERE*

Otherwise, continue reading for more information...

One of the Starter Set Options

Here's how to get YOUR hands on high QUALITY oils:

 1.) Sign up as a retail customer....Just go to this referral link and click the first option on the form that says 'Retail Customer' and make sure my member number (1309041) shows up in the sponsor and enroller boxes if you want to support our family business.  You'll get your oils delivered right to your door.  This is not a long term solution and I can't imagine why anyone would choose it but now you know it's an option.  As soon as you discover how much you enjoy and want to use therapeutic-grade essential oils, you can become a wholesale customer and save 24% !  Or skip all that and just go for wholesale from the get-go, which is what I recommend. :)

2.) Buy a Starter kit and get wholesale prices!  (Make sure my member number (1309041) shows up in the sponsor and enroller boxes on the form if you want to receive my welcome pkg and extra goodies! Select WHOLESALE on the first page.)  To become a wholesale customer (no selling is necessary) you simply purchase a Starter Kit!  You will keep your wholesale status as long as you spend $50 on product each year which is comparable to a membership at Costco only the $50 isn't a fee....It's spent on products for YOU!  This option is the BEST because you get to save 24% off retail and enjoy other benefits.

We have several different starter sets...essential oils kit w diffuser option, a Ningxia Red kit, and a Thieves cleaning kit.  You can add extra items to your order as well if you are trying to qualify for the free oils on promo this month.

For information about some of the different starter kits, click HERE.

   **Wholesale members have the added benefit of being able to join the Essential Rewards autoship program to earn free oils of their choice!

  **Before getting a start-up kit or ordering, ask me about the PROMO of the month.  If your order is big enough you will qualify for FREE products!  And if you choose the Premium Start-up Kit, you are well on your way to qualify for it!

          When you use my referral number to get your wholesale start-up kit, you will be invited to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and learn about your oils even faster by hearing the experiences of others. You can also text or call me....I am here for you! :)