If you purchase Young Living Essential Oils, PLEASE purchase them directly from Young Living.

Just this weekend, someone posted in one of the private groups that she had been purchasing oils from Amazon and eBay... Well guess what?!

The latest bottle of Lemon she ordered looked and smelled like WATER, with just a hint of lemon! She was going to call Young Living Customer Service and complain, until it came out she had purchased the oil off of AMAZON.

She said the bottle was completely sealed - What she didn't know was that people can buy lids that look completely sealed and push one on a bottle of oil that has been TAMPERED WITH.

On sites like Amazon and eBay, some sellers are either cutting the oils with a carrier or dumping them entirely and filling them with water, then putting a 'new' cap on before selling them.

The only way to ensure you are actually getting Young Living oils is to purchase from Young Living!! So if you're still purchasing from another site, find the person who introduced you to Young Living and get your own account with their referral number so you can purchase DIRECTLY from YL.

Feel free to email me or use our contact form on the right-hand side of this blog to find out why you are missing out on benefits and LOSING OUT by getting your stuff from these other places. It isn't just a 'tampering' issue!

If you don't have anyone to sign up with, I'd love to help you and invite you to our private Facebook Group!!


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