Support Brain & Heart Health with Mindwise Supplement

For adults and children, a Young Living favorite has returned with an improved formulation! 

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With sustainable time release and more bioavailability, the synergistic complex of CoQ10, turmeric, microencapsulated vitamin D3, and other active ingredients in our proprietary lecithin emulsion system makes this powerful brain-supporting blend better than ever. The combination of fruit juices and extracts, sacha inchi, and MCT oils, as well as an exclusive blend of hand-selected essential oils, give MindWise™ a pleasant, fruity, nutty flavor. The individual packs help make MindWise your new favorite on-the-go option.

Super Cal Plus - Get MORE From Your Calcium Supplement

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There are plenty of calcium supplements you can choose from, but Super Cal Plus™ was created to offer more than just calcium and minerals—it is a true bone-health supplement. With a synergistic blend of bio-available calcium, magnesium, vitamins D and K, and other trace minerals, Super Cal Plus supports the structure, integrity, and density of bones and teeth. Plus, adequate calcium and vitamin D throughout life as part of a well-balanced diet may reduce the risk of osteoporosis.*

Using a marine mineral blend derived from red algae that’s harvested off the coast of Iceland, Super Cal Plus harnesses the power of naturally derived

A Home-Based Business with Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living has a wonderful business model and is an excellent opportunity for you to work from home spending more time with your loved ones or doing things you are passionate about.  There isn't a high risk or investment.  Once you order your Premium Starter Set you have the option of simply remaining a wholesale customer or begin sharing your excitement for Young Living's high quality products to get some extra cash or to generate residual income to bless your family.

Adam Green does an excellent job of explaining the benefits of this business model.  Take a look at the video below...