These are wonderful for us low carb folks!
 They are filling and add variety to the usual options.

Now days, these breads have many different variations and go by different names...mug bread...keto muffin...muffin-in-a-minute, etc.  They are usually microwaved but can be baked as well (of course that will take longer but it will still work). Depending on the recipe you choose, they may replace English muffins, toast, sandwich bread, cake, etc.

 This is a recipe I originally got from DitchTheCarbs. (Head over there if you want even more flavors to try) I'm including it on my blog because of course it has become one of my go-to recipes and I want you to know about it :)


2 tsp coconut flour (scroll down for almond flour version)
A pinch of baking soda
A pinch of salt
1 egg
2 Tbsp shredded cheddar

Add egg to a large mug or ramekin (greased or sprayed) & whisk it up.
Add coconut flour and dry ingredients..whisk it all together.
Stir in cheese.
Microwave 1 minute.

Slice muffin into 3 or 4 wheels.
I then fried a couple sausages in butter, split open the muffin and fried that in the grease!

MMMMMmmmm! :D

**I added black pepper/red pepper sprinkles and garlic granules.
Green onions, cooked bacon, ham, or sausage bits, etc can also be used in the filling.


3 Tbsp almond flour (the finer the better..Bob's Red Mill is a good one)
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 egg
1 tbsp butter or coconut oil melted
pinch salt

Whisk butter & egg first
Then whisk in dry ingredients.
Microwave in a mug for 90 seconds.
Cut into 3 or 4 slices and fry in butter or coconut oil.

It is similar to the coconut flour one I like but this one isn't boingy lol.
Both are yummy. I put seasonings like garlic powder, cayenne etc in it..or a tbsp of shredded cheese w sausage bits if I feel like it. or just put a sausage link in and fold..pig in blanket style as shown above.

These work as a breakfast sandwich bread or lunch bread!  Give them a try..they will certainly get you by if you are craving things that require bread!

Be sure to check out my favorite LOW CARB COLESLAW recipe!
It's perfect for your 4th of July meal or any day!


But whoever has this world’s goods, 
and sees his brother in need, 
and shuts up his heart from him, 
how does the love of God abide in him?
1 John 3:17 

You enjoy your oils.
Your house is transformed by Young Living products.
You take your oils with you while hiking or traveling.
Your health has been amazing since drinking Ningxia Red every day.
Your hormones seem so chill now that you are using Progessence Plus Serum.
Your energy has been over the top since you started taking Super B & Multigreens and using Endoflex oil blend.
Your skin is so much softer and you feel beautiful because of the ART skincare trio.
Your cracked heals are a thing of the past now that you are using Omegagize daily and Rose Ointment.

I could go on....


You've taken care of yourself...now show some love to others as well! 
The world is a harsh place...get those acts of kindness going! 
Put a smile on someone's face today!
Here are some ideas to brighten someone else's day with Young Living.

**Give a Happy Day rollon to a sad friend.

**Share your OWIE blend with a mama at a park play date. (Or your DIY owie spray)

**STRESS AWAY blend for upset mamas or cashiers at the grocery store.

**Send a loving hand-written note with some SACRED MOUNTAIN blend to a friend who is worried or going through a stressful time.

**Give some Deep Relief rollon or a mini bottle of Ortho Sport massage oil to a new member at the gym or to grandma.

**Offer a daycare worker your MELTDOWN/EMOTIONAL SUPPORT rollon

**Give Melrose and a warm rice pack to a friend to comfort their littles when they have an earache.

**Send a wellness set to a friend who works at a hospital...a bottle of Ningxia Red, some oregano vitality, Super C, capsules, and Thieves cough drops/lozenges.

**FOCUS/STUDY rollon to a college student or friend with a child struggling with homework

**Gentle Baby and lavender to a new mother.

**Rose Ointment to a pregnant friend for her belly.

**Foot soak & Tired Feet rollon to a friend who has to stand on their feet all day.

**Mirah shave oil and a card just to say 'I love you, friend'

**Ylang Ylang & Sensation massage oil to newlyweds or for an anniversary gift.

**Mighty Pro for a friend who's kid just finished antibiotics and needs gut support.

**VALOR blend and Cortistop for a stressed out friend...police, mail carriers, caregivers, teachers, etc.

**Art Skincare line for Mother's day, Valentine's day, Anniversary, or anytime.

**A DIY SPA GIFT just to brighten a day...foot cream, Happy Day rollon, foot scrub, foot soak, and some chocolate :)

**Peace & Calming for a friend doing their first recital.

**DIY PAW PROTECTION BARS or Animal Scents ointment for the animal lover in your life.

**SHUTRAN BEARD OIL for your dad, hubby, brother...whoever.

**Mirah hair oil for your friend frustrated with their frizzy hair

**Thieves Household Cleaner for a friend who is getting rashes from their toxic cleaners.

**Fill an inhaler stick for a kid who can't sleep (or gift them the Tranquil Rollon).

**Slique Tea with a friend who is cutting back on sugar or losing weight.

**Seedlings products for a baby shower gift.

**A mug gift w/ hot cocoa and peppermint oil..include your favorite brownie recipe so they can make peppermint brownies.

**SAVVY MINERALS MAKEUP set for your daughter, sister, or friend for Toxin-free beauty that won't increase cancer risk.

**A DIY outdoor spray or Purification oil blend for your friends while hiking.

Soooooooo many wonderful ideas! 
What's YOUR favorite way to bless others with Young Living?

BTW, If you haven't seen the new blog


A fun thing to do is print out one of these 
at the beginning of the year to chart any illnesses.  

You could have different colors for different things. Green for pukes or whatever hahaha.  You could also write a number in each square to show severity.

My goal is to never let any illness go beyond level 1 which is*annoyance rather than pain*.   (btw, this is just a calendar I found on Google..find & print whatever style you prefer)

Of course my biggest goal is to not be sick at all!! :)

Another idea...mark a tiny S on the days you have been eating sugar & flour to see how it corresponds with sickness since sugar suppresses the immune system.

I'm rarely sick now. I think last year I had one day of watery eye and that was it.  Each year we get better and better at taking charge of our health, and using Young Living oils & supplements to KEEP our bodies well!! We used to get the pukes a lot more, weeks of coughing, painful throats, etc.  Now we have almost none because we have become more proactive rather than waiting til we feel like we've been run over by a truck.

If you have more than a level one or are always sick, 
let's chat and help you make a game plan for your family!

ONE TIP - Get Thieves mouthwash every month in your Essential Rewards order! :)