Non-Toxic Foaming Soap with Country Flare

I love these DIY mason jar foaming soap dispensers! (This pic shows a regular pump which is also an option but foaming makes it last longer.)

What a fun idea and great for Christmas giving too! I think when I make mine, I will keep it unpainted and tie wrap raffia around the lid.  You could even put decorative colored marbles in the bottom. There are a lot of tutorials out there already. HERE and HERE are a couple.

Include some NON-TOXIC homemade foaming soap infused with Young Living essential oils!  Yes, you 'could' use plain ol' dish soap but many are toxic regardless of what the label says and you don't want to do that to your liver! All those nasty products add up!

Here is the recipe I use in my regular foaming dispensers. 
(adjust for different sizes.)

Christmas Spirit Foaming Hand Soap 

1/4 cup Dr Bronner's Baby Mild liquid castille soap.

1 tsp (or squirt) of Young Living's V6 combo or some sweet almond oil.

5 drops YL Christmas Spirit or Thieves essential oil blend.

3/4 cup water

Use a cap of Thieves Household Cleaner or a quirt of Thieves Dish Soap instead of the castille.

Citrus Fresh or Purification are some great oil options (These, as well as Thieves come in the starter kit)

If you would like to come to a Facebook Class to learn other ways of replacing the toxins in your home, send me a note via the contact form on the right! is a great place where you can research ingredients in your personal care, food, and cleaning products.

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