Storage Solutions

It's pretty easy to store your oils when you only have a few.   Just sit them on a shelf or by your monitor...whatever.  But once you get a nice variety going, and want to have them handy wherever you go,  it will soon become clear that there needs to be a way of organizing this mess! :)

Of course you could buy the official Young Living organizers.  They are stylish with the Young Living logo and are great if you want to look 'official' or are teaching oil classes.

However, there are other fun and interesting ways as well....

This is just a toiletries
bag I found at a thrift store.
I like that I can see the
front of my oils, making it  faster
to find what I need.

It can be hung on a hook while
I'm home or easily closed for travel.

Here we have an insulated lunch box.
Looks a lot like the Young Living organizers
only way cheaper (and missing the spiffy look, haha).
But it DOES work :)  Great for home or travel.
As you can see it holds a lot of oils and can lay flat for display.  Particularly nice if you order the lid labels from Young Living!

Get in touch with your crafty side...
come up with something like this
crocheted drawstring bag.  Neat
for carrying just a few oils.

If you're looking for something lovely
to keep oils handy at home, try one of these racks my friend Kim sells. check out the racks our children make and enjoy affordable prices HERE!

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