Young Living has blessed my life as well as that of friends! 
Praise God... from whom all blessings flow!

Stressful Day
"My 5yr old loves to have lavender and/or cedarwood on her hand before bed! We also rub some on her warm rice pack and she goes to sleep easily! During some parts of our day, putting vetiver on the back of her neck is GREAT! Keeps us all happy lol."

Convenience of Thieves
"I like having Thieves spray on hand in the car, purse, or bag for when I'm at restaurants, parks etc that may not have soap on hand. I also find it helpful to spray in my throat on occasion."

Wrenched Back
"Loved Aroma Seiz when my back went out! It was so soothing! I layered it with ortho sport and deep relief for comfort while resting."

Stinky Bathroom and Other Things
"Love to use Purification blend instead of deodorant! It also works great in the bathroom where the litter box is.

A Day of Woes
"Ylang ylang or Valor blend on my chest and ylang ylang, vetiver and bergamot in the diffuser when I've got a lot on my mind, are a MUST."

Ready for Vacation
"I've got immune system buiders, things for motion sickness, skin protecting oils for when we are out in the sun, my roll-ons that support healthy lungs, pick me up oils (along with my Ningxia Red and Ninxia Nitro for the load of driving), calming oils for quiet times and bedtime......."


  1. Hello, my name is Chuck - , and I have been using ESSENTIAL OILS for 5 & 1/2 weeks now. I just want to say how they have CHANGED MY LIFE. I used Clove ESSENTIAL OIL for a bumpy I had on my tongue, and then I drooled like a dog. Also, I applied the Thieves ESSENTIAL OIL to the roof of my mouth, and it was very spicy. My favorite oils are Train ESSENTIAL OIL, Partially Hydrogenated Soybean ESSENTIAL OIL, and Castor ESSENTIAL OIL. The last I smeared on my face, as an acne treatment. It didn't help the acne, but it did make my face sticky, as if I had applied syrup to it, and remained that way for a while.

    So in closing, I really want to thank Di and ESSENTIAL OIL POWER for so much; for making me a living revolution. God bless!

  2. OK folks, pay no attention to the above comment which happens to be made by my son. I'll let it stay because it is funny and partially true..he did have a bumpy on his tongue..but while typing the above comment, his tongue was planted firmly in his cheek, lol.