Frugal Essential Oil Gift Ideas

Now is the time to take care of that! Here are some money-saving ideas smile emoticon

Why give the usual junk that suppresses immune systems and clutters the home? If you are already with Young Living, you can share the delight with your loved ones! If not, get on board and give the gift of wellness to yourself so you can share it with others.! If you need lower priced options than giving out whole bottles of oil, simply take one oil you have and make:

Stinky foot sprays
room sprays
pillow sprays
'hot oil' hair moisturizers
happy baby diaper goo
homemade lozenges
Thieves & honey throat comfort combo
foaming hand soaps
facial scrub
muscle/joints rub
Soothing foot scrub
bath salts/foot soaks
peppermint sample with Kim's Brownies recipe or a pkt of cocoa
breath/throat spray
DIY stress away rollons
Calm baby rollon

Or why not get a new parent the whole Premium Starter Kit if you are able? When you use my referral link to create your acct and get your Premium Starter set, I will send you a welcome pkg with fun tools and info. I'll also add you to our private oil usage group where you can ask questions, learn from other oil friends, and enter our amazing monthly drawings. I'm available for all those under my won't be left wondering what in the world to do with your oils after you get them!

Want more info? Simply send me a note via the form on the right side of this page :)

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