Ways to Afford Oils

If you're like me, you want to make your dollars STRETCH!   I love good quality essential oils but they CAN be pricey, depending on which oil you buy!   However, for the health of my family, I can't afford NOT to buy them!    I will write about ways I help keep my family well in another post but here I want to give you ideas on how you can fit QUALITY essential oils into your budget!

1.) Rather than buy the oils directly from me, use my member/sponsor number to get your start-up kit and become a wholesale customer!   (No selling required)

2.) Similar to #1 above, rather than just getting wholesale prices you can also make this a home business helping others and yourself to make oils affordable..improving lives.  (No inventory required).  If you decide this is for you, we will provide encouragement, teaching tools, and support along the way via personal interaction and our private business group.

3.) Join the Essential Rewards program and earn points for free oils.

4.) Buy a larger quantity at a time and qualify for the special promotions which add certain free oils to your order, maximizing your dollar.

5.) Replace other parts of your wellness regimen with essential oils or Young Living oil-infused supplements!  Don't waste your money on products that won't support your health and may even have toxins.  A bottle of essential oil can be used for many different things and in various ways.

6.) If you buy a lot of gifts for people, switch out and give them fun things you've made with essential oil recipes or give them the oils themselves.  It will be a lot better for them than more clutter or things they will never use.  Even kids love having their own diluted rollon to oil up just like their parents :)

7.) Switch out your cleaning supplies, air fresheners, perfumes, etc with oils!  You will then be ridding your family of all those toxins that get into the brain, effect hormones, etc! I love letting my little ones help me clean and knowing that it good for them.  Even if you just want to use other alternatives..like plain vinegar instead of a nasty cleaners, you will have more $$ for buying the oils you need.

8.) Make your family healthier so you can avoid prescriptions, doctor/dental visits.  Improve your life by making food changes and removing toxins from the home.  You will then have more money for helpful things like oils for your wellness regimen, skin-care routine, etc.

9.) Don't buy expensive seasonings for cooking.  Learn how to use essential oils instead.  Then you have them on hand for seasoning as well as a mess of other uses including putting in capsules, tea, or honey syrups!

10.) There are many Young Living oils that are $15 or less yet are powerful and effective for many uses.  Buy those first and learn how to use them.   Save your free product points from the Essential Rewards program to get the more expensive ones you've been wanting.

**Bonus....following some of the above ideas can save you space in your home as well!

You're a smart cookie :)  Get creative!  I'm sure you can brainstorm and think up even more ideas!